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Short History About Berkshire Beef Jerky

Matthew Labbadia is Berkshire Beef Jerky. He's a one man show that does everything from cutting the meats to receiving and sending orders. Matthew started exactly one year ago from the end of May while he was still a Junior in high school and is completely self-taught. Within this year he's learned a significant amount on how to be more effective on making the highest quality meats, but also on taking his business to the next level. Mr. Labbadia started off hand cutting every meat, but has now upgraded to a newer meat slicer which cuts perfect slices every time and has allowed him to produce more meats for more customers. Another machine that has helped him to continue to increase his business was a second purchase of a larger dehydrator that has 9 racks along side with his original 5 rack dehydrator. However, the turning point in his business that lead to the production of Berkshire Beef Jerky was his online sales. Matthew started an Instagram account just for fun with no intention to sell any jerky. That all changed when he got in contact with an Instagram user who saw his page and wanted to try the Jerky. The user @zerofeud enjoyed the Beef Jerky so much that he reposted Matthew's Instagram page on his own which really helped kick start the online sells of Berkshire Beef Jerky.