About us

Berkshire Beef Jerky had an unorthodox beginning in 2016, with it initially being a simple hobby for then-junior in high school, Matthew Labbadia.  After discovering how much he enjoyed crafting his own jerky with a small dehydrator and basic marinade in his basement, he soon began offering the snack to his classmates in small bags for a couple bucks.  Word shot around the small school almost instantly that there was a new favorite snack on the block, as everyone who was trying it quickly fell in love.  Soon, Matthew had developed a reputation for making some of the best beef jerky anyone had ever eaten, and it only evolved from there.

Originally under the name "Meth's Meats", Matthew started adding to the flavor list and running an Instagram page for most of his business transactions.  After making a few shirts for a "Meth's Meats" volleyball team in a school fundraiser, the idea of making more apparel came to be, with the plan of making them available to consumers.  It was around this time that he made the decision to switch the name to "Berkshire Beef Jerky", electing for a more formal and serious-sounding brand.  Soon after, many of his close friends were representing his small business everywhere, wearing their BBJ shirts and sweaters they had purchased with pride.

As the follower count of the Berkshire Beef Instagram rose and the number of satisfied customers grew, Matthew began to expand.  From using a miniature dehydrator to two industrial Cabela's dehydrators, this was only the first step of many towards the growth he was looking for.  Eventually, he was able to turn his small workshop in his family basement into a full-blown, brand new kitchen, featuring top-of-the-line equipment and meeting all federal protocols and requirements.  As his consumer base grew, it was a necessity for him to grow as well to keep up with the demand.  The jerky was featured on popular instagram pages by influencers such as @zerofeud, and even gained a spot in the background of the Netflix show The Hamelin.  With overwhelmingly positive reviews, it was only a matter of time before the brand gained this type of recognition.

In early 2020, Matthew took one of the final big steps towards establishing Berkshire Beef Jerky by registering it as an LLC.  He is also now taking steps towards expanding the marketing campaigns and more, to ensure that as many people can enjoy his product as possible.  Things are truly just beginning for what many consider the best beef jerky they have ever had.